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Meekins Senior Shuttle is large enough to handle big contracts yet small enough to customize our service for the clients who have individual needs on a daily and weekly basis, which includes patient and wheelchair rides to the doctor's office, pharmacy visits, therapy appointments, hospital discharges and more.

Shuttle Services


About Us

Meekins Senior Shuttle is an elite transportation service assisting our senior community with safe transport to and from appointments and other daily needs. As a result, we help our senior sector maintain their independence. We are the only privately owned transportation company that specializes in senior transport. Our commitment is to the senior community, ensuring that their independence and safe transportation is our top priority.

While there are so many amazing programs and services created every day for a wide demographic, our senior citizens are often left out of the mix. Getting to and from an appointment, a shopping trip, or just getting to a community center is sometimes a roadblock for the senior sector who is ambulatory. Many don’t drive anymore, they have concerns about using public transportation, relatives or friends may be distant, or they just may not want to be a burden on anyone…You see THEY STILL LOVE THEIR INDEPENDENCE!


Our commitment to each senior is to let them know that their independence matters, and their transportation needs are our priority, so ride with MEEKINS SENIOR SHUTTLE… “We drive, you thrive!”


Riding Your Way

We understand that on any given day your daily tasks can vary from a single
errand or a day full of crossing off several items on a check list. Meekins Senior Shuttle is designed to give you the flexibility you need to manage any and all of those needs.


ONE WAY. We will safely take you to your single scheduled ride

ROUND TRIP. We will safely take you to and from your scheduled ride.

MULTIPLE TRIPS. We will safely take you to a maximum of 3 destinations under your scheduled ride.


Our Staff

Meekins Senior Shuttle removes the worry by offering you a safe transport. You can be at ease with our drivers who have completed Level 2 background screenings and every vehicle is up to state code, and our company is fully insured. Drivers wear a company uniform, name tags and each is First Aid and CPR certified by the Red Cross.